PhilaZoom Technology Training

Being included on the Internet is more important than ever for people with disabilities.

PhilaZoom is offering a FREE series of 15 live internet-based training seminars and follow-up coaching on using technology to learn how to use the Internet.

Closed Captions are provided for all sessions. Spanish Translation provided upon request.

Every Tuesday PhilaZoom will host 2 sessions on different topics like Zoom, video conferencing, Facebook, email, web browsers, Google Search, Smartphones and Tablets.

The Tuesday 11am session will be for learning how to use technology.

The Tuesday 7pm session will be a Practice Session. Coaching sessions are provided.

Upcoming Schedule of Topics:

Week 7 (4/26/22) – Show and Tell Cool Apps

Week 8 (5/3/22) – How to Set up and Use a Zoom Account

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